Introduction to the main characteristic of the emulsifying machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-04-10
1. Also called centrifugal homogenizer, particularly suitable for material pretreatment section; 2. Has a large quantity, small energy consumption, suitable for industrialized continuous production; 3. The processed material has a narrow particle size distribution, evenness good features; 4. To save time, high efficiency, energy saving, high production efficiency; 5. Installation is simple, easy to clean, meet the CIP cleaning requirements of different occasions; 6. Have certain self suction and low-lift utility; 7. No dead Angle, material 100% by mar emulsification; 8. Low noise, stable running, convenient maintenance; Scale application in cosmetic emulsions that mucilage no need stirring, homogeneous, damage, the process of suspended and dissolved. As follows: mixing: syrup, shampoo, detergents, juice concentrate, yogurt, desserts, mixed milk products, printing ink, porcelain glaze. Distractions: mixed methyl cellulose dissolving, pectin dissolve, carbide dissolution, oil-water emulsion, premix, fruit sauces, stabilizer dissolved, dust, salt, alumina, pesticides. Distractions: suspending liquid coating, drug depolymerization, pills, coating mixture, lipstick, vegetable soup, mustard, catalyst, matting agent, metal, paint, modified asphalt, the preparation of nanometer materials reconciliation.
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