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Introduce the working process of the emulsifying machine and working principle

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-07
Emulsification machine work principle: emulsifying machine by emulsifying pot, water pot, vacuum equipment, and oil phase, temperature control system and electric control system, etc. Oil soluble and water soluble material respectively in the pan with oil phase and water phase pan to melt or dissolve, generally remain at about 80 ℃ temperature, steam heating oil phase and water phase to the material through a filter to emulsification pot, for homogeneous mixing, emulsification and vacuum degassing. Then, to the jacket into the cold water, after cooling to the temperature must be increase the essence, continue to cool to request to suspend the mixing temperature, atmospheric pressure can discharge rehabilitation. Process ( 1) Pan pan with oil phase and water phase after feeding, oil phase and water phase mixing motor, online set of oil phase and water phase motor speed; ( 2) Set pan pan with oil phase and water phase control temperature, a pan with oil phase and water phase pan temperature control; ( 3) When the pan with oil phase and water phase at the beginning of the pot material processing is completed, a pan with oil phase and water phase pan discharging pump, at the beginning of the processed material pumping emulsifying pot; ( 4) When pan pan with oil phase and water phase of the material after pumping emulsifying pot thoroughly, discharge pump stop running. A hydraulic motor, vertical drop of main mixer and homogeneous mixer, when fall in place, hydraulic motor to suspend the work, and then manually screw tight sealing valve; ( 5) After the vacuum emulsifying pot seal, a main mixing, homogeneous mixing machine. Speed will be increased from zero to the user's value, and can according to different processing requirements, online change main mixing, homogeneous mixing motor speed; ( 6) A vacuum pump motor, emulsifying pot negative pressure grows, will eventually reach the user Settings; Reach the user Settings after vacuum pump motor active suspension; ( 7) Emulsifying pot temperature control, active emulsifying pot for heating control, control methods use vague PID temperature control, heat the material will be in the emulsion to the user set temperature; ( 8) When emulsification operation is completed, after a negative pressure in the vent reduce the emulsification, the when the emulsifying pot pressure is zero, open the discharge valve, discharge emulsion products.
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