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Injectable filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-09
5. Material of 316 l stainless steel, shell, dust-proof, moisture-proof features such as 6. With a touch screen control, filling volume and filling speed, the product parameters setting, production count, no bottle of downtime, etc. 7. Injectable filler with automatic bottle/automatic filling, filling accuracy is high, according to the different specifications of the bottle, bottle can be arbitrary adjust the filling quantity and size, and can be equipped with automatic assembly line. Injectable filling machine of the scope of application: the filling for the filling cap unscrewing machine equipment is suitable for all sorts of small dose, the namesake fizzy filling agent of screw cap integrated automatic generation equipments, products are suitable for liquid material. Used in the emulsion, nursing liquid, oral liquid, and wash the eye drops, nutrient solution, injection, pesticide, medicine, perfume industry such as liquid filling.
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