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Eye drops filling machine use characteristics and matters needing attention

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-26
1 eye drops filling machine use characteristic. The world brand frequency conversion governor, adopt imported high precision potentiometer and more can lock dial, make the stable flow control accurate, error is less than zero. Negative deviation, 5% less than 1. 5% positive deviation. 2. Stainless steel magnetic gear pump imported from Japan, quality and reliable, long life; 3. Stainless steel case, durable; 4. Small volume, easy to operate; 5. Convenient cleansing and detoxification; 6. A fully functional, automatic manual, can match line; 7. Can match multiple filling head, commonly used types are: single pump, double pump and four pumps. 8. Pump volume SF_II adjustable from 1 ml to 10000 ml; SF_I from 10 ml_80000ml adjustable, convenient adjustment. Note 1 eye drops filling machine. The power supply voltage 220 ( ± 5%) Frequency, 50 hz / 60 hz ( ± 5%) Communication power supply, the correct use of fuse, in the fuse must pull out the power cord. 2 to avoid personal injury, please use the ac power outlet, power plug should be good and touching. Otherwise easy to damage the filling machine 3. Filling machine should be placed in ventilated, dry, little dust, filling machine and wall or other objects distance should be more than 20 cm, to ensure normal exhaust 4. The reversing valve must be straight down, otherwise affect accuracy. 5. Filling head must be straight down, otherwise you will drop. 6. Should not be small, bend Angle will affect the flow rate and precision. 7. Raw material barrel height should not differ too big, or affect the accuracy of 8. In the circulating air environment should use volatile liquid
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