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Cream filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-16
Cream filling machine accurate positioning and filling in place, no bubbles, no leakage of filling is also on the test of filling machine. The filling process of cream filling machine performance is stable, toxicity, smooth filling. Cream filling machine adopts advanced PLC control system, applicable to a variety of filling dose cream products, the whole machine is made from stainless steel, filling airtight environment is the best food, medicine, cosmetics and health safety guarantee. Food, cosmetics, medicines are very strict with production environment and production equipment, so the cream filling machine filling, sealing is extremely strict requirements, and because the cream is oil-in-water emulsion, water volatile and prone to shrinkage, so the packing seal is the key and important factors influencing the shelf life. Therefore, a professional cream filling machine is necessary, in order to avoid these imagine, of course, choosing the appropriate cream filling machine is also a need to pay attention to the problem,
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