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Cosmetics automatic filling machine production line

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-22
Touch screen man-machine interface, high degree of automation, stable running, high filling precision, pleasing appearance, easy operation. Cosmetics widely used automatic filling machine production line, high degree of automation, which can realize the configuration unscramble bottle machine, labeling machine, printing machine, automatic sealing packing machine and other equipment ( According to the demand of production) From raw materials to finished products, the realization of the whole process of packing. Automatic cosmetics can be single filling machine. Cosmetics automatic filling machine production line for bottled water filling viscous liquid, paste material and production, such as: cosmetics cream, face cream, facial cleanser and body lotion, foot bath, foot bath, slimming cream/frost, moth-proofing supplies cosmetics automatic filling machine production line performance characteristics: 1, according to the characteristics of product configuration mixing equipment. 2, configurable aluminum foil sealing machine adopts stainless steel shell with same chain plate conveyor, fission type structure, digital display, beautiful and easy, easy to use. 3, cosmetics automatic filling machine filling production line adopts special screw filling flow quantitative, computer intelligent real-time tracking, filling speed and filling volume can be adjusted digital, high precision. 4, the whole machine all stainless steel, especially for GMP certification, food hygiene certification, applies to the corrosion types of chemical products such as packaging. 5, fully sealed air resistance stainless steel container and glass material movement be clear at a glance, the material does not leak, protection products and the production environment. The filling machine production line, it is made up of new equipment, mainly by linear automatic filling machine with in-line automatic screw cap machine, automatic labeling machine equipment, can also with sealing packing machine, printing machine and other equipment online use, efficient automatic production lines.
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