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Chilli oil filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-08
It USES a piston liquid filling machine, controlled by PLC, high filling precision and set and adjust the filling quantity is intuitive and convenient, stable and reliable performance, simple operation, beautiful appearance, widely used in peanut oil, fuel, oil, fruit juice, additives, milk, syrup, alcoholic beverages and enrichment seasoning liquid filling, water-based materials. Characteristics: 1. External and frame mainly adopts high quality stainless steel, beautiful appearance; Contact with the material of the pipe using 34 # stainless steel and food grade plastic tubes. 2. At the same location automatically quantitative filling process, such as overcome the problem of movement caused the material overflow after filling. 3. Adopt flowmeter metering, high filling precision, fast speed, filling volume set and adjusted conveniently; 4. Pneumatic and electrical parts were picked from the world famous brands, stable performance, reliable, durable; 5. Can also according to customer's requirements with configure other function after filling equipment technical parameters: type: type XG number: XG - 龙头, LZ - I filling range: 2 l - 3 l filling accuracy: & plusmn; 。 3% filling speed: 24 - 28 when the bag/( When filling the 1 l) Power: & le; 。 4 KW liquid inlet pressure: & le; 。 3 ~. 35 mpa supply voltage: : AC22V / 5 ~ 6 hz work pressure. 4 ~. Mpa gas consumption: 6. 2 m3 / min size: 71 * 1 * 15 mm purpose/application domain application industries: food, chemical industry, cosmetics, daily chemical products, pharmaceutical, beverage and other industries. Instance products, peanut oil, chili oil, fuel, oil, juice, laundry detergent, shampoo, etc liquid filling material product customization and understanding about the product information: 1, you can contact our online customer service to understand the details of the product. 2, you can through the communication and customer service to know what type to recommend to you. 3. You can provide your production demand, customized non-standard products information authority in product trading: 1, you can through the online payment to complete the transaction. 2, you can through the on-the-spot investigation to complete the transaction.
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