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Chemical teaching you how to identify: heat exchanger equipment category

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-12
Is suitable for different medium, different condition, different temperature and pressure of heat exchanger, structure is different also, the heat exchanger of specific classification is as follows: a, according to heat transfer principle of classification 1, recuperative heat exchanger wall type heat exchanger is temperature difference between two kinds of fluid flow in a space separated by the wall, through the wall of the heat conduction and fluid in the wall surface convection, heat transfer between two kinds of fluid. Recuperative heat exchanger tube and shell, bushing and other types of heat exchangers. Recuperative heat exchanger heat exchanger is the most widely used. 2, regenerative heat exchanger heat exchanger by regenerator of solid material, the heat from the hot fluid is passed to the low temperature fluid, heat medium by heating a solid substance first after reaching a certain temperature, cold medium through solid matter is heated, to achieve the purpose of heat transfer. Regenerative heat exchanger with rotary switch, valve type, etc. 3, fluid connection indirect connection indirect heat exchanger, heat exchanger fluid is to put the two surface heat exchanger are linked by the heat carrier in circulation of heat exchanger, heat exchangers and low temperature heat carrier in the high temperature fluid between the fluid circulation, accept the quantity of heat, high temperature fluid in low temperature fluid heat exchanger to heat fluids at low temperature. 4, also known as hybrid direct contact heat exchanger heat exchanger, the heat exchanger is two kinds of direct contact with the fluid, mixed with each other for heat exchange device, for example, cold water tower, gas condenser, etc. 5, compound heat exchanger with soda surface type indirect heat exchange and water directly mixed flow heat exchange ways for heat exchange equipment. Compared with soda indirect heat exchange surface type, with higher in thermal efficiency; Compared with soda directly mixed heat transfer has the high stability and low noise unit. 2, 1, heater, heater is classified according to the use heat fluid to the necessary temperature, but there is no phase change heat fluid. 2, preheater preheater heating fluid in advance, provide standard process parameters for the process operation. 3, superheater overheating heat exchanger heat exchanger is used to the fluid ( Process gas or steam) Heated to overheating. 4, evaporator evaporator used in heating fluid, boiling temperature above, make its fluid evaporation, generally has a phase change. Three, the classification of the structure can be divided into: of floating head heat exchanger, fixed tube plate heat exchanger, u-shaped tube plate heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger, etc.
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