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Automotive urea filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-10
Urea filling machine for high degree of automation, simple operation, stable running, can effectively save the cost for the enterprise, improve the production efficiency, can work independently. It has a separate operating system and electronic components, display device, is used to control and adjust the parameters and display Settings, can be used for packaging of various specifications of bottles, less adjustment. Filling machine adopts microcomputer automatic vehicle urea ( PLC) , photoelectric sensor, pneumatic execution programmable control filling equipment, suitable for automotive antifreeze, glass of water, urea, automotive detergent such as pesticides, chemical liquid filling, filling accurate measurement, no bubble, no drip, suitable for all kinds of bottle type ( Including special-shaped bottle) Filling. Automotive urea urea filling filling machine used in automobile, it can be by a separate bottles, filling, sealing, aluminum foil seal, label, etc of single filling production line. For urea in line with the GMP standard of filling machine production line adopts new technology design, with urea filling machine production line running smoothly, convenient function combination, easy maintenance, can according to the needs of users of the respective product process all kinds of production function combination, filling machine equipment for urea can be modified according to the material and the scene situation and reduce. Automotive urea filling machine USES and features: this equipment is mainly used in: automotive urea, beverage, nutrient solution, soy sauce, sesame oil, oil, chemical liquid, paint, paint, honey, peanut butter and other liquid filling material. 1, automotive urea filling machine adopts the stainless steel pipe welding, set with stainless steel plate, the whole machine durable, corrosion resistance, no rust. Urea filling machine adopts 2, automotive sealing frame structure, prevent dust pollution, realize the dust-free filling, clean health. 3, the umbrella is realized by using custom filling valve filling, can effectively reduce the bubbles in the process of liquid filling, filling after the completion of the unique way of sealing, realizing the filling process of dripping. 4, automotive urea filling machine external 7 inches color touch-screen, friendly man-machine interface, simple operation, implement manual electronic filling amount, effectively reduce the labor intensity of artificial. 5, filling head can be adjusted according to the packing size. Applicable to a variety of bottle type, saves the production cost effectively. Filling head available screw fastening, quick and convenient adjustment. 6 urea filling machine adopts high precision photoelectric sensor, automotive switches, position can be automatically perceive packaging, automatic filling machine, no bottle no filling. 7, automotive urea filling machine is suitable for the filling velocity of fast, granule, liquid, gas, such as: white wine, oil, chemical liquid, pesticides fertilizer, such as auto supplies 8, 4 filling valve to 16 filling valve can be freedom of choice, customers can according to the production and packaging size custom processing.
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