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Automatic paste filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-19
Automatic paste filling machine for enterprises to create greater profits, help packaging process to better finish the work, the cosmetics, the drugs to the strict production environment and production equipment, thus automatic paste filling machine, filling and sealing requirement is very strict, because the cream is oil-in-water emulsion, moisture volatilizes easily and contraction, therefore, packing seal is the key and important factors influencing the shelf life, therefore, the professional automatic paste filling machine is mainly used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging supplies. Automatic paste filling machine is a kind of bottled, canned paste products packaging device, suitable for cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry, cream of high viscosity material, intermittent rotation driven by shunt, accurate positioning. Positioning is the precondition of filling and filling cannot careless link, automatic paste filling machine is driven by cylinder, fast, accurate positioning and paste filler filling in place, no bubbles, no leakage, filling the paste filling machine performance is stable, can stably in the filling process of foam filling, paste filling machine adopts advanced PLC control system, is more suitable for viscous liquid, oil, cream, cream products filling, the whole machine is made from stainless steel, filling airtight environment is the best cosmetics, medicines, health safety guarantee. With the development of science and technology, the function and stability of the paste filling machine has been improved, is not only the cosmetics and ointment, liquid filling machine is widely used, sauce and honey food can also use the paste filling machine, the machine under the food hygienic requirements, can be configured with mixing function, keep the balance of paste, pjrevent from precipitation, filling effect is better. If the enterprise need to paste filling machine, it is recommended that you purchase from professional normal manufacturer paste filling machine, so the overall effect is better, it is important to make the work more efficiently, can in all kinds of pipes. Perfect adaptation can ensure production line running well, the process of production will not appear mistake, can avoid the influence of the fault, for enterprises to gain greater economic benefits, have better application in manufacturing industry.
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