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Automatic filling machine of human development

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-23
The so-called human development, is adapt to the needs of today's human filling machine and automatic production of human nature can be divided into visual humanized, safety emergency treatment and scalability. With continuous development and innovation of life, people's life style has changed, people begin to pursue simple and convenient, no longer extravagant and wasteful, it is a good opportunity, human development promotes the effective combination of goods and people, automatic filling machine of human nature really brought a broad space for development. Humanized automatic filling way for the development of automatic filling machine has brought more opportunities and convenience, it will be more and more widely used, suitable for all industry agent, liquid filling packing. Filling equipment functions: 1. Automatic filling machine adopts touch screen man-machine interface, bringing great parameter adjustment and test of various kinds of functions. 2. Has suspended and forced to stop function, facilitate timely in case of an emergency stop device. 3. The bottle height can be adjusted according to need. Easy, fast and accurate. 4. Unique no drop head long filling nozzle design system is a focal point of the liquid filling machine, packaging to ensure the production site and finished product is contaminated with liquid materials. 5. Mouth filling liquid form can be umbrella, also can be straight, to adapt to the different type of liquid filling, umbrella is suitable for easy foaming liquid materials. 6. Stepless speed regulator can adjust the speed of the stainless steel conveyor belt, flexible coordination of multiple process synchronization. 7. Automatic filling machine mainly pneumatic and electrical components are famous brand at home and abroad, to ensure the quality of system performance and stability. 8. High precision meter to ensure that the accuracy is better than the standard, small error.
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