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Automatic filling machine filling way clear winter maintenance

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-08-23
Automatic filling machine is applied to the fluid, paste, viscous body, and other products processing production, different filling equipment have different ways of filling, including normal pressure and negative pressure, and pressure of three methods for filling, respectively applicable to different product requirements. 1, normal pressure filling method. This type of device is usually higher storage container to increase pressure, filling in their body weight as power, suitable for liquid, low viscosity of milk, grape wine and other products processing. 2, negative pressure filling way. This type equipment is called vacuum filling machine, shall ensure that the pressure in the bottle is lower than the atmospheric pressure, and then according to the principle of air pressure balance, filling of the filling product, such devices are simple in structure, but between components combined with gas tightness is strong, no big requirements, to the viscosity of materials can be finished syrup, oil, sauce and other products processing. 3, pressure filling way. This type of equipment was conducted under the condition of higher than the atmospheric pressure filling, automatic filling machine is a kind of make use of the material storage tank pressure in the bottle was flat, depends on the weight of liquid into the bottle, also known as isobaric filling, found in the loading top power piston, booster finish machining, the common filling products are beer, champagne, beverages with gas. Granular paste automatic filling machine is also called the semi-automatic piston filling machine, is commonly used to filling in slurry containing particles of food materials, such as peanut butter, bean sauce, chili sauce, etc. , as a result of these food slurry material in winter in cold easily frozen hard, so we are finished with granular paste automatic filling machine to clean up in time, lest its encounter cold forming hard shape, the influence is used next time, so we in the winter for granular paste automatic filling machine cleaning work should pay attention to what? Cleaning: granular paste automatic filling machine. 1. We are finished with the granule filling machine to the residue of food in the body material shave with board, rinse with warm water, so you can ensure that the height of the machine clean. 2. As a result of these sauce food materials contain oil filling equipment, so special detergent cleaning is to be used for washing machine, it can remove stubborn stains, rinse out to use special detergent rinse several times in order to avoid residual food material waste residue pollution food quality. 3. Should pay special attention to the machine when the clean-up parts have crack, these places will be splashed with sauce class objects, to clear in time, if you are not clear in time it will be difficult to clean up the length of time. Maintenance: granular paste automatic filling machine. 1. On a cold winter particles automatic filling machine must be placed inside the greenhouse, can also be placed in the indoor place before use it for a period of time in use. 2. Confidential often needed in its grain filling lubricating points add lubricant to avoid rust and prevent from rotation caused by the wear and tear for long, it can prolong the service life of it. 3. For filling machine surface must be clean, when clean will detergent evenly coated on the surface of filling machine, then use wet cloth to wipe, slowly to the filler fuselage to wipe clean. Automatic filling equipment, automatic filling machine manufacturer, dry mortar packing machine, ton bag packaging machine is my company's main business, looking for fully automatic filling equipment, automatic filling machine, dry mortar packing machine, tons of bag packaging machine for my company, https://www. jinzongmachinery。 com/。 Jinzong Machinery, the main business products include liquid packaging automatic packaging equipment, automatic filling equipment specializing in the production of seller. Products through the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, is sinopec, petrochina and other qualified suppliers. Jinzong Machinery LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise, at home. 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