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Alcohol filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-06
Alcohol filling machine maintenance filling machine is as the same, need appropriate maintenance, otherwise will failure, so want them homework high power, long service life, the timing for filling machine equipment protection and maintenance is necessary. 1, before going to work every day to investigate pneumatic combination of duplex water gas and oil mist filter, such as too many water should be timely cleaning, oil level should not cheer in a timely manner. In the production of 2, to probe mechanical parts, often see rolling, lift is normal, without exception, have screw without loose. 3, often see the alcohol filling machine ground, touch requires reliable. 4, often clean the scale, check the pneumatic pipe with and without leakage, whether the tracheal rupture, etc. 4, mechanical and electrical machine oil change every year (reducer, Fat) , check the chain slack, timely adjust the tension. 5, when to stop using for a long time to drain pipe material. 6, make cleaning and hygiene work, adhere to the surface cleaning machine, often rooting out scale body, which is the product material, pay attention to adhere to clean in electric control cabinet. 7, sensor is high precision, high tightness, high sensitivity equipment, it is forbidden to touch attack and overload operation shall not touch, not banning disassembly maintenance requirements. 8, alcohol filling machine to put the environment have some demand, such as indoor humidity wants moderate, ventilation and clean health. 9, it is necessary to ensure that the power supply before use normal, voltage instability of mechanical damage is quite large. 1, the alcohol filling machine in the component location add lubricating oil regularly, reduce friction resistance, make the machine work more quickly.
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