A common problem of liquid filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-04-11
1, if the servo motor doesn't work? During the fault phenomenon: automatic filling servo motor does not work, may be the cause of the problem: 1. Mechanical failure. 2. Servo drive and abnormal encoder. Solving steps and methods; Check whether the servo motor side of the synchronous belt is jumping gears; Check whether the screw of the servo motor upper anomalies. 2, check the servo driver for faults: 1. Reset the related parameters of servo drive in order to prevent the position pulse command negative logic, 2. When the servo driver alarm code related to the encoder, check whether the connection of servo drive and encoder circuit is loose or disconnected, if the circuit is normal, and servo drive related alarm is not cleared, represents hardware failure ( For example the encoder failure, damage of servo driver interface, etc. ) 。 3. Check the voltage of the servo drive side is normal. 4. Check the connection of servo drive and PLC wiring is loose or disconnected, and check whether PLC corresponding contact damage. 3, if not filled when the equipment in the automatic operation, what should I do? Fault phenomenon: after the machine start, after putting in place the bottle will not be able to fill. May the cause of the problem: 1. The lower limit of diving photoelectric position error; 2. The lower limit of diving photoelectric damage; 3. Equipment parameter error; 4. Bottle of photoelectric diode is not geared to the needs of the bottle; 5. Material level filling function has been opened, but the material level has not yet been reached; 6. Bottle tube not pop up. 4, steps and methods of settlement: ensure that opened the diving ability in the process of automatic operation, please check the bottle lamp position. When diving cylinders dropped to a very low position, please remove the light bottle position to the lower limit of diving instrument, to ensure that the lower limit of diving instrument. Indicator. If you cannot open the photoelectric indicator, you will need to check the lower limit of the photoelectric related circuit is normal. If the line is normal, the said photoelectric has been damaged, need to replace the photoelectric. 5, in the process of automatic operation, check error - touch screen parameters Settings Check whether parameter Settings in the filling quotas set correct; Check the buffer fills a quantity to whether exceed target filling quantity; Check whether the initial filling delay time set too long; Check whether the filling measurement set the filling quantity on a page. 6, in automatic operation, after the action in place, check whether the bottle is blocked - the bottling photoelectric switch Adjust the position of the bottling photoelectric switch to ensure that the bottle in the operation process in photoelectric position. 7, check the alarm interface, and if there is a warning - in the liquid level lower limit If there is no alarm, check whether the tank level is enough, if not, check the abnormal level loop detector, if the circuit is normal, please check whether the PLC corresponding contact damage, if the PLC contact is normal, the damage level detector. 8. Automatic operation in place, check whether the jammed cylinder is stretched out. If there are no pop-up stuck cylinder, please check if stuck valve normal work manually. If doesn't work, please check whether the pressure is normal, and related wiring is disconnected or loose. If the above checks are no abnormalities are found, please check whether the corresponding contact PLC is damaged. Normal contact said the body is damaged. Filling machine
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