What is the working principle of vacuum screw cap machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-04-10
Vacuum screw cap machine mainly to prevent food spoilage, corruption and production equipment, the air from the bottle. Vacuum screw cap machine connection is in order and start with a good cover of the bottles in the operator conveniently workbench position, turn on the power of the equipment on the front panel switch, manual upgrade vacuum chamber door to a higher position, manually placed with good cover of the bottles and cans into the vacuum cavity tray, manually pull the vacuum chamber door until the door and seal the joint, vacuum directional control valve automatically open the vacuum chamber numerical value automatically start gland and screw cap, screw cap to set torsion torque feedback signal switching vacuum directional control valve is discharged into air into the vacuum chamber to atmospheric pressure, the door opened and reset under the action of a spring force to the relatively high, manually remove the seal good bottles, continue to the next. 。 。 According to the different type bottle and cover type and the characteristics of content and vacuum degree requirements, adjust the screw cap torque value and vacuum degree. From closed vacuum chamber door open automatically to the screw cap completion time consuming to 2 ~ 4 seconds, general workers operating proficiency can reach 12 ~ 15 tank capacity per minute
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