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What are the characteristics of liquid filling machine production line?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-01
Liquid filling machine production line filling way adopted a new type of micro pressure filling, the filling speed is faster and more stable, so with the same specifications of the automatic filling machine is higher than the output of the machine, more benefit, fully automated production liquid, water, cream, etc. Liquid filling machine production line adopts the made in conjunction with the host inverter into the bottle is more stable and reliable running, photoelectric detection operation condition of the parts, so a high degree of automation, easy operation. Part and variant more liquid filling, can form a vacuum filling method, suitable for plastic bottles, glass bottles, filling alcohol, soy sauce, etc material manufacturers the ideal equipment. Liquid filling machine characteristics: 1, liquid filling machine production line adopts linear filling operation job design, so that the bottle under high-speed operation stable and reliable. Few changes, can be quickly and easily implement different bottle production need. 2, liquid filling machine can be configured to wash bottles, bottle clamp with shower, to wash the bottle of any part of the wall. 3, USES the advanced micro gravity type negative pressure filling principle, filling fast, stable and accurate. 4, silos is fully enclosed structure, there is the function of temperature control and automatic reflow, and provide a clean interface. 4, liquid filling machine production line can satisfy the requirements under 95 c hot filling. 5, liquid filling machine production line adopts the torque type screw LIDS, catching cover, screw cap, screw cap torque stepless adjustable, reliable screw cap tightly, and does not cover. 6, human-machine interface touch-screen buttons, PLC computer control, there is lack of cover, overload protection and alarm device, can timely detection and troubleshooting, high degree of automation of production. 7, liquid filling machine production line and material contact parts adopt high quality stainless steel manufacturing, the main electric components and pneumatic components adopt famous manufacturers products.
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