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What are the benefits of the liquid filling machine?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-23
Let's look at it will bring you what kind of change? 1. Improve the work efficiency. Is not affected by the feed speed, filling machine is filling at the highest speed. 2. Save manpower. Manual filling: 1 person 1 filling, capping, 1 person handling; Using quantitative liquid filling machine: 1 person can be finished at the same time, Filling, sealing, handling) 。 5. Put an end to the product raw material waste. Filling process can be according to the product characteristics into level 3 or level 4 precise control filling accuracy, and eliminate the phenomenon of liquid materials overflow. 4. Work more safe. According to the environment and materials used, can choose ExibT5 explosion-proof filling machine products. At the same time, the utility model can also be harmful gas recycling, effectively protect the operators. 5. Data is easier to manage. According to the requirements, production data in real time can be uploaded to the server for management. 6. Work is becoming more and more simple. Operation simple and easy to understand, learn fast, and there are Chinese tip fill wrong operating system; Only when the filling into the bucket, and then press the start key to filling, the whole process without human intervention. 7. The environment has become more clean. Quantitative liquid filling machine to prevent overflow in the process of filling the products, at the same time by the liquid cup catches the remaining liquid, to ensure the environment clean.
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