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What are the advantages of automatic filling machine?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-25
Disinfectant automatic filler filling speed, high degree of automation, high production efficiency, including disinfection, sterilization, wine semen, disinfection liquid, such as wide application, get the favour of medium enterprises. Jin Zong filling machine manufacturer to its innovative product ideas and almost strict quality standards, design the solution for automatic filling machine, filling machine market in competition, this solution fully automatic filling machine adopts pneumatic components, the main electric components are and domestic excellent products, low failure rate, good quality, stable and durable, automatic filling machine by PLC ( PLC) Control with smart touch screen ( Human machine interface) , make adjust filling humanized design, various parameters measurement and modify the operation is simple, fast and intuitive. Automatic filling machine adopts high quality stainless steel manufacturing, material tube connected to the filling head food-grade plastic pipe, conform to the requirements of the food hygiene, machine has the simple and beautiful design, easy to clean, easy to adjust the volume of filling, can be applied to different specifications of the bottle without the need for replacement parts, easy to adjust, strong adaptability, but also has no bottle no filling, automatic filling, filling in and out of the bottle, automatic position automatic level control, and other functions, high degree of automation; Filling nozzle design scientific and reasonable, and is equipped with a drip tight device. Filling leakage, feeding bottles and equipment clean, is it a detergent manufacturers the ideal automatic filling machine solution.
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