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What are characteristics of boiler softened water equipment used in the power industry

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-15
Boiler softened water equipment in the power industry application is more, the choice of demineralized water equipment to undertake choosing according to water quality in areas where the user. Below is the electric power industry to provide chongqing water treatment equipment company with the characteristics of the boiler softened water equipment, we can also according to user's water quality design for you the right type of water treatment equipment. Characteristics of boiler softened water equipment used in the power industry with 1, a high degree of automation, power industry boiler softened water equipment after installation and debugging, can add regeneration with salt, artificial periodic system of automatic continuous water boiler softened water equipment, save manpower and material resources. 2 boiler softened water equipment, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low operating cost, the power industry boiler softened water equipment with overall design is reasonable, to give full play to the exchange capacity of the resin, boiler softened water equipment, energy consumption index obviously lower than the general demineralized water equipment. 3 with boiler softened water equipment, electric power industry structure reasonable design, convenient operation and maintenance, cover an area of an area small, investment saving. 4, long service life, less late each pressure control valve internal core components of the design must meet the 0 ~ 250000 13 KGF/cm2 circulating pressure experiment, the plunger valve core, column sierra rod core parts are lead free brass material, such as strong and durable, service life can reach 27 years.
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