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Stainless steel plate heat exchanger gaskets briefly

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-16
Due to the expanding application fields of the stainless steel plate heat exchanger, for different media and technology have different heat resistance, pressure and corrosion resistance requirements. Want to use a clock 'universal' gasket to adapt to all situations, is obviously not possible, and should be used according to different situation different gasket materials. Common gasket cross section shape of six edge line. The commonly used types of gasket are natural rubber, neoprene, epdm, silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, asbestos fiber, etc. The gasket of the stainless steel plate heat exchanger when use in the event of leakage, the phenomenon such as fracture, aging, to timely replacement. Stainless steel plate heat exchanger replacement shall be carried out in the following order. Remove the old gasket of plate heat exchanger (1). Shall not be disassembled, gasket groove with scratches. (2) the plate heat exchanger with acetone, butanone, or other ketone solvents to remove the gasket groove residual glue. (3) stainless steel plate heat exchanger with a clean cloth or cotton yarn mop net gasket groove and gasket. (4) plate heat exchanger to dope evenly coated in the gasket groove. 5. Stainless steel plate heat exchanger to clean the new gasket on the plate.
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