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Shower gel filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-11
Equipment performance and characteristics: 1. Shower gel filler casing and frame mainly made of stainless steel and magnesium alloy parts in contact with the material is made from high quality stainless steel and food grade plastic, clean and beautiful, conform to the hygienic requirements. 2. Shower gel filler main pneumatic components and pneumatic cylinder high quality accessories, stable and reliable in performance. 3. Shower gel filling machine the whole machine adopts the design of machine, electricity, gas integration with automatic positioning, automatic quantitative filling, automatic bottle, no bottle no filling, automatic hydraulic control on material, and other functions, high degree of automation, simple operation. 4. Equipment failure rate is extremely low. 5. When the emergency stop, just press the emergency stop switch, the piston will automatically return to the initial position, stop filling. 6. In hd intelligent control system, display operation capacity, speed and other operations, the filling quantity adjustment accurately, and can be directly reflected in digital form. 7. Shower gel filling machine with pneumatic control and mechanical positioning, high filling precision, the accuracy can be controlled in 1%. 8. Shower gel filling machine adopts compressed air control transmission, especially suitable for explosion-proof requirements and humid environment, high safety. Shower gel filling machine can choose custom filling amount, a variety of filling capacity selection, application industry such as cosmetics, daily chemical, food, chemical and other industries of liquid production packaging, examples applied in soy sauce, vinegar, wine and oil, pesticide, shampoo, shower gel, hand sanitizer, etc. The granular liquid, semiliquid materiel. Shower gel filling machine can also according to the demand of product process filling machine production line, such as filling machine, screw cap machine, labeling machine, printing machine, packing machine and so on joint use, realizing high efficiency production, can contact Jin Zong consulting service product information, can be customized equipment.
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