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Semi-automatic filling machine which good?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-19
Semi-automatic filling machine adopts pneumatic control quantitative methods, pneumatic drive and electronic control technology, simple operation, accurate quantitative error is small, uniform filling speed, fast after a slow first, adopt pneumatic enclosed within filling nozzle, which can effectively prevent the drip in the process of filling, semi-automatic filling model is light and flexible, can be used independently, can also be used with other function stitch line filling machine equipment use, is a kind of economic semi-automatic filling machine equipment, widely used in all kinds of wine, daily chemical products, chemical products, cosmetics and other industries of liquid filling the quantitative. Semi-automatic filling machine also can customize according to the requirement of the product mix, the heating function of the semi-automatic filling machine equipment and a variety of automatic filling machine equipment, concrete can contact Jin Zong customer service personnel to understand the details of the product.
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