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Semi-automatic filling machine FAQ

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-18
Because there are so many types products, if the production failure, under the will cannot be underestimated the impact of the interpretation of the semi-automatic filling machine are common failure problems: 1. Regardless of the speed of the throttle valve and air gap is closed, throttle valve cannot be closed. 2. Internal foreign body, please load a three-way valve quickly, such as welcome to arrange, quickly into the 3-way valve (pos. No. , and filling the air tube and the head, such as air, as far as possible to reduce or eliminate air. 3. Check whether all seal damage. If it is damaged, please change a new one. 4. Whether filling mouth valve core stuck open or delay, if there is any card plug, valve core should be installed in a good position. If this delay, on the thin cylinder throttle valve should be adjusted. 5. Tighten the screw on the 3-way valve spring elasticity, the 3-way valve cannot be opened. 6. Too quickly if the filling speed, throttle valve adjust the filling speed, reduce the filling speed. 7. Button card and hose clamp is good seal, if yes, please amend. 8. Magnetic switch is not loose, please lock after each adjustment. 9. The filler filling is accurate or not. 1. Damage of all check whether the sealing ring is damaged, please replace the new sealing ring; 11. Whether all card hoop and hose can be sealed, if you have, please correct. 12. Whether the cylinder and piston, piston rod fastening, loose please lock;
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