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Select liquid filling machine needs to understand the problem

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-07
Many customers often ask how much money you bought the filling machine. Rather than consult technologies, services and equipment stability problem. Before we make plans for the customer, we have a clear understanding the problem such as filling material, material properties, packaging specifications, how to choose the filling machine is described below. Customers in choosing automatic quantitative liquid filling machine, shall specify the following: 1. Must indicate the filling material and the material is corrosive, viscosity and density of how, whether the crystallization, whether there is a bubble, flammable and explosive, etc. 2. The drum capacity, shape, size, Length, width and height) And the packaging barrels of the inner diameter of the opening it is better for the drum related images; 3. Filling velocity and filling quantity, filling accuracy information such as; 4. Filling forms: short tube/long tube type barrel type, filling materials for SUS34/316 / PTFE/other; 5. Filling machine whether explosion-proof design, is equipped with FangDuZhao, whether containing nitrogen protection. 6. Weighing machine is available in roller, power roller, platform, the material is zinc plated carbon steel/SUS34 / other materials. 7. Feeding form is gravity flow or feed water pump, the delivery date shall prevail. In details and determine the after the above parameters and the requirements of customers, can provide customers a rough selection, to provide more reasonable and more suitable automatic quantitative liquid filling machine equipment design scheme and quotation.
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