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Our factory was awarded the national innovation fund support

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-16
Paste filling machine factory won the national innovation fund support in 2009, invented by our chairman Mr He Jianing type given 'GSG paste filling machine suppositories' won the national innovation fund support ( Note: in changsha city of a pharmaceutical machinery co. , LTD is a Jin Zong subordinate enterprises, specialized research and development of high-tech projects. Legal representative: He Jianing) 。 This device has been used in domestic and abroad five years, can filling liquid, paste, gel, suppositories, etc. , can be a push type ( Syringe) Establishing or other shapes for teenagers, as long as the diameter greater than 2. 4 mm can filling, filling eight bottle each time. With linear filling, filling process smoothly, counterpoint, accurate dose precision, filling 60 per minute 100 bottles. Given the GSG type paste filling machine, based on the suppositories and derive XKG6/8 small mouth shaped bottle filling machine, FYJ8 type wind filling machine, etc. Widely used in small incision, special-shaped bottles, filling from wind, safflower oil, etc. , and expand to filling perfume, cosmetics, hair cream, ink, etc. In a word, as long as you put forward filling problem, we can solve for you. Welcome Mr Directly dial He Jianing phone: 13808425786.
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