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Oil filling machine using the fault how to eliminate?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-10
Oil filling machine can be loaded into edible oil not only, still can be used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, daily chemical and other special industries, lubricating oil filling machine, filling detergent filling machine such as the same as the oil characteristics of liquid products, due to the use of different industry, the problems existing in the oil filling machine production process is different, therefore, in view of the different equipment conditions, analyzes the corresponding countermeasure, to facilitate the proper use of the related industries, convenient for production. First, if the amount of filling oil filling machine is not stable, the amount is too long to do? 1. Check the filling machine if there is a leak oil entrance and steel wire hose connection. If there are air bubbles, should use the iron wire or steel wire clamp, until there is no leakage. 2. Check whether there is dirt in the bronze check valve or particles, if it is cleared. 3, check whether the magnetic switch on the cylinder is fixed, pay attention to not exert oneself to do STH. 4. Replace the v-shaped sealing ring inside the cylinder. Second, if the oil filling machine of mouth filling with oil drops, what should I do? 1. Four base Angle adjustment screw filling machine, don't shake. 2. Check whether there is particulate matter in the filling valve, if it is cleared. Third, oil filling machine filling speed how to adjust? 1. Check whether the inlet pressure is normal. If not normal, check whether the wind road congestion, air compressor is working correctly. 2. Adjust the throttle valve adjusting screw, electromagnetic valve muffler export fast, turned into the slow. 3. Inlet pressure is adjustable. 4 ~. 5MPa。 4. Check for dirt filling valve plug, if it is cleared.
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