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Mixing machine efficiency is decided by what factors?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-20
Mixing machine of high and low working efficiency mainly by mixing machine of machine manufacturing precision of decision and the equipment itself. In general, horizontal mixer mixing time is relatively short, the vertical mixer is time. Of course, other factors such as the type of raw material and its physical characteristics also affect the length of the mixing time. High-speed mixer mixing outdoor wall cavity, using resistance heating, heating temperature, and then add a variety of raw materials according to the formula measurement to mix indoor, when mix indoor mixing slurry at high speed, stirring pulp raw materials due to the near plasma friction on the leaf and blade face off a role with stirrer rotation; In high speed under the effect of rotating centrifugal force, the material was mixed into the interior walls of the straight wall of raw materials, in the material under the thrust of the wall material along the lining of the mixing chamber to rise to a certain height, the gravity of the raw material and make it fall back to the center of the mixing chamber, and then thrown in the rotating blade, repeat the original movement; Because mix indoor also equipped with a baffle plate, it can destroy rotating flow more rules of movement of material, have destroyed the movement direction of the material; Again due to the blending of several kinds of material flow movement, make friction touch and push between raw materials, to produce certain friction heat between the written materials; In addition, sometimes raw materials mixing also needs to have a mix of outdoor heating, heating mix up, due to the combination of these conditions, make mix indoor all sorts of mixing material mixing. Application range is especially suitable for high speed mixing machine for solid - Liquid and solid - Powder, powder - Powder, powder - The mixing of fluid efficiently. Discharge valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve selection of high speed mixing machine is widely used in fine chemicals, feed, electronics, food, hard materials, ceramic materials, biology, medicine, due to non-metallic mining, building materials, dyes, chemical fertilizers and mixed metal powder have better. Crystal powder is sensitive to shear, batch product mix, mix liquid into solid. We select mixing machine, of course, preference of high efficiency, embodied in the following three aspects: 1, mixing machine structure is simple, solid, flexible door switch, facilitate testing sample clear and clean, easy to operate and have the right power matching; 2, high mixing uniformity, less material residues, mixing time is short, high production efficiency, and mixed with the whole machine unit matching; 3, on the premise of guarantee the quality of mixing, mixing machine with low energy consumption.
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