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Mixing machine application in the pharmaceutical industry and mixed evenly

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-19
In recent years, with the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, more and more is also high demand for pharmaceutical machinery, particles, solvent mixture as the important part of pharmaceutical applications, and mixing machine becomes increasingly important. And in this, dry powder mixing machine is a more applied in medical field. Mixing machine as a sunrise industry, its market prospect is unpredictable. So many officials called on China's pharmaceutical industry equipment manufacturers to develop more meet the demand of the pharmaceutical industry production mixing machine, mixer used in the aseptic production, in particular, of course, want to produce more advanced equipment will have to learn new technology, can not be stuck in the past, don't stay in place. Mixer is the use of mechanical force and gravity, etc. , will be two or more materials uniform mixing machinery. Used in the pharmaceutical industry, it can accelerate the physical changes, such as granular solute solvent, added by mixing machinery can accelerate the effect of sugar. Mixing machine structure is reasonable, simple and closed operation, out of convenience, ( Artificial or vacuum charging) Cylinder is made of stainless steel material, easy to clean, is one of the basic equipment of enterprises. It has a cover an area of an area small, installation is simple wait for a characteristic, therefore it can effectively help increase drug firms efficiency. Mixer, as an essential part of materials processing equipment, in the field of materials processing and other industrial fields are very strict to the requirement of mixer. As an important link in the process of preparation, mixing machine should also keep pace with The Times. In the present, dry powder mixing machine also like other pharmaceutical equipment is facing shortage of technology, innovation is not enough. Mixing machine mixing uniformity is how to measure? Add known quantity in carrier waiting for inspection of ingredients, after a certain time after mixing, the uniform sampling interval time required, test inspected component content in the mixed samples, variation coefficient calculation, the result is that your mixer mixing evenness. Generally its standard made by mixing machine manufacturing enterprises and to develop your own needs, did not say which must be limited in scope. The mixing amount of mixture was measured mixer is one of the main technical indicators of performance. Usually use a component content in the mixture of coefficient of variation Cv value measured by mixing machine mixing performance is good or bad.
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