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Mixed quality of the mixing machine commonly used test methods

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-13
Mixed quality of the mixing machine commonly used test methods of visual inspection method, is a kind of qualitative visual method. Judge the carbon black dispersion, through the incision of the samples will be observed situation compared with a standard set photos to assess level of dispersion of carbon black, the result using numerical. This is the American society of testing materials ( ASTM,美国社会检测和材料) Recommend a method. Its particular way is: the mixture sample torn or cut ( Sometimes proper processing) To expose its fresh surface, with the naked eye, it is best under a magnifying glass or low multiples binocular microscope to observe, the carbon black dispersion and a set of 5 standard photograph are compared, and then assess their grade. So the method is also referred to as the contrast sample method. The level of dispersion and mixture on the vision of some important physical me about. The method to evaluate the carbon black dispersion level is divided into five grades. Level 5 said such a decentralized state makes these closest to the physical properties, and level to 1 hybrid state that these properties are significantly lower. Poly count method, relying on the mixture with optical microscope slices the percentage of carbon black poly group of area to assess the dispersion degree of the mixture. Because this method involves the direct measurement, reason for the quantitative determination, it more accurate than visual observation method, also is a kind of method of ASTM USES. Its particular way is: the mixture enough cut into thin slices, and after a certain processing, under the transmitted light, including carbon black poly group through optical microscope observation. Optical microscope magnification is between 75 ~ 100 times. To count the eyepiece included into 10000 small squares 1 cm2 grid size. Calculate all of no less than 5 microns carbon black regiment occupied area. According to the known carbon black content in the material can determine the size of 5 microns of the percentage of carbon black poly group, expressed as a percentage 'carbon black dispersion'. Optical microscopy and electron microscopy is a commonly used qualitative method of shape and structure of direct observation of the mixture. Directly determine the state of the mixed method still has a lot of, such as photoelectric method. Its principle is: made of a mixture of LDPE and carbon black 40 um sample chips and processed, scanning under micro photometer, due to the size of the carbon black micelle and its uneven distribution, and the intensity of light through is different also.
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