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Manufacturers selling plastic barrel 10/20 liter detergent laundry detergent filling production line

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-05-22
The development of the market gradually improve, the progress of the filling machine has been support is also popular with consumers, bring new convenience for the people. Liquid filling machine is a machine with reference to foreign advanced filling machine technology to transform and innovative products, its structure is more simple and reasonable, high precision, and is also more convenient operation, and get the support of the market, the continuous development of it gradually shorten the foreign gap. Now liquid filling machine applicable to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and so on in the industry, given the product better filling conditions. Level of packaging technology has always been there exists a gap between home and abroad, enterprises are also in constant efforts to gradually shorten the gap, during laundry detergent filling filling production line as the main machinery industry market, its development and progress is also gradually in bridge the gap between foreign, want to be able to constantly improve domestic packaging technology, for the life of people bring convenient life. Customer demand is the direction of the enterprise unceasingly diligently, is convenient for their good life premise. With the expansion of the market in the development of many enterprises also have a certain space, laundry detergent filling production line, as enterprises have been the main equipment, its development brought to the attention of the people. Good filling machine needs not only excellent packing skills, also need to have the concept of fashion packing, jiamei packing demand for the product as a new era. Filling machinery manufacturer of filling machine is a new technology provide good service for the general consumers. On the choice of the enterprise is greatly increased in the rate, got the trust of enterprises many degrees. So the future development of filling machine is more convenience for people's life and creation, is better for the enterprise development and implementation. The development of the market gradually get satisfaction, bring some convenience for people's life. Filling machine as the requirement of market development, its progress promoted the development of the enterprise, gave the development of the market more dynamic. Laundry detergent filling production line, first of all, analyze the four reasons and solutions for you: 1, the sterilization equipment had no choice and non-metallic materials, sterilization, pumping rod contact with metal materials, stuck on the pump rod on the metal material, easy to cause the pump rod wear, present the bad air tightness, filling in the process of air bubbles. Solution: try to choose special sterilization equipment. 2, pump, pump body and pump rod presents the mixed loading, the clearance between the pump do not match, easy cause pumping rod wear, present the bad air tightness, filling in the process of air bubbles. Solution: the pump body and pump rod label, not orange. 3, storage tank, liquid receiver, ceramic pump and injection device of azimuth, the buffer tank device location relative to the ceramic pump device bearing height difference is too big, white filler manufacturer analysis to the ceramic pump by liquid pressure is too great, can easily lead to drip irrigation needle. Solution: try to reduce the difference in height between the components device of bearing, such as can not cut, between the buffer tank and pump to add a buffer device. 4, silicone tube and liquid points and ceramic pump could happen each connection not tighten bubbles or dripping; Solution: each boot before adding a check, if there are any of the above, immediately replace connecting head or silicone tube. Jinzong Machinery, the main business products include liquid packaging automatic packaging equipment, automatic filling equipment specializing in the production of seller. Products through the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, is sinopec, petrochina and other qualified suppliers. Jinzong Machinery LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise, at home. 'Benign, high consistency, high stability, high yields and excellent compatibility' is Jinzong Machinery manufacturing guidelines, the company passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, the company's products are gradually through the 'CE'. Jinzong Machinery, welcome the masses of customers came to negotiate. Products are mainly applied materials: car paint, varnish, thinner, curing agent, pigment, paint, furniture paint, primer, exterior paint, industrial paint, all-purpose adhesive, glue, shoe glue, white latex, marble glue, resin, printing ink, pesticide, lube oil, atomic ash, ink, oil, etc. 。 。 Product scope of application: chemical industry, paint, paint, adhesives, resins, chemical solvent, curing agent, lubricant, atomic ash, ceramic ink, battery materials, all kinds of printing ink, inkjet ink, daily chemical product and new material automatic filling machine customer case: our main customers: basf chemical, Shanghai ciba chemical, huntsman chemicals, kanaoka chemicals, shuanghui group, yinlu foods, tianjin hanlon, tianjin petrochemical, wai gaoqiao petrochemical, Shanghai jianke institute, saint-gobain building materials, sunseeker China building materials, construction machinery of jinan, caltex lubricants branch, Shanghai jinshan petrochemical, Qingdao doublestar, yokohama tires, ningbo good Gao Huaxue co. , LTD. , du lubricating oil, national starch chemistry, akzo Nobel, dow corning, sporty), procter & gamble, caltex, Ecolab, Nissin food, Orion food, Nitto Denko, NACHI - FUJIKOSHI etc.
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