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Jinzong Machinery jrf ointment manufacturing machine series for reflux

Jinzong Machinery jrf ointment manufacturing machine series for reflux

Jinzong Machinery jrf ointment manufacturing machine series for reflux

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This Vacuum Emulsifying mixer Ointment Making Machine is a new-generation intelligent machine independently developed by Jinzong. It is automatically controlled by PLC and the system can freely switch among several control modes, such as HMI mode and batch operation with remote central control room. For industries with special requirements. It can truly realize remote full-automatic operation without human interference on the field, thus realizing safe economical and efficient production.
Its automatic feeding, discharging and cleaning systems hydraulic lifting and tilting systems as well as overall outlook design all compliant with GMP and FDA specifications.
The machine proves to be the first choice for pharmaceutical and chemical industries to manufacture high-grade products like creams and ointments.
The homogenizer Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer system is a high shear dispersion paste making system. It is to distribute one or more phases into another continuous phase efficiently, rapidly and evenly, but in general, each phase is incompatible with each other. Because of the high tangential velocity and the strong kinetic energy brought by the high frequency mechanical effect produced by the high speed rotation of the rotor, the material is subjected to strong mechanical and hydraulic shearing, centrifugal extrusion, liquid friction, impact tearing and turbulence in the narrow gap between the stator and the rotor, so that the immiscible solid, liquid and gas phases are under the combined action of the corresponding mature technology and appropriate additives. It evenly and finely disperses emulsification in an instant, and eventually obtains stable high-quality products through high-frequency circulation and reciprocation.


The system is specially designed according to making technology of ointment and cosmetics products. It consists of pretreatment pot, vacuum emulsifying mixing pot, vacuum pump, hydraulic system, feeding system, electrical control system and working platform. The unit has the advantages of simple operation, stable performance, good homogeneity, high production efficiency, convenient cleaning, reasonable structure, less floor area and high automation.

Technical Specifications

ModelVolume of Main Tank (L)Volume of Dissolving tank (L)DimensionTotal Power (kw)Weight (kg)
Performance and Characteristics
  •  Large continuous workload, especially suitable for continuous processing of single product.

  •  Simple operation and better homogeneity of emulsification;

  •  Mixing is controlled by Panasonic Electrical Frequency Converter, which saves electricity and has strong mechanical protection function. Constant rotating distance makes the mechanical operation more stable. The production speed can be freely selected and the cover of the pot can be freely lifted by the hydraulic lifting system.

  •  The main design of homogenizer is from Germany. High shear eddy current emulsifying mixing, slow scraping mixing, automatic close to the bottom and wall of the pot;

  •  Good sealing, long service life, homogenizer can work 24 hours continuously.

  •  Vacuum pumps are manufactured by German Nasim (formerly Siemens), buttons are manufactured by Japan Fuji, frequency converters are manufactured by Japan Panasonic, and electrical control parts are manufactured by Siemens.

  •  Vacuum suction is used, especially for powder materials. Vacuum suction is used to avoid dust flying. The whole production process is carried out under vacuum conditions to prevent material from producing bubbles under high-speed stirring, which can meet the requirements of dust-free and sterile.

  •  The material of the whole bracket of the equipment is stainless steel, 300 U polishing inside and outside of the pot, the material of the contact part of the container is 316L stainless steel to ensure the stability of the equipment, which is suitable for GMP and daily chemical specifications.

  •  Safety protection functions make production safer.

  •  The equipment integrates vacuum defoaming, stirring, homogenizing, heating and electronic control functions. It consists of vacuum homogenizing emulsifying pot, oil-phase pot, water-phase pot, vacuum system and hydraulic lifting system.


Jinzong Machinery jrf ointment manufacturing machine series for reflux-1
Jinzong Machinery jrf ointment manufacturing machine series for reflux-2
Jinzong Machinery jrf ointment manufacturing machine series for reflux-3

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