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Glass water filling machine equipment advantages

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-16
Glass water filling machine is designed and developed according to the properties of the glass of water, is to use PLC programmable control, photoelectric sensor and pneumatic execution of one of the high-tech filling equipment. Water glass filler characteristic has the following advantages: 1, glass can fill 1 - water filling machine line 5 ml in the scope of any dose, and dose of change only in the filling machine can be adjusted, without changing the type of bottle. 2, glass water filling machine adopts 316 high quality stainless steel, corrosion resistance, wear resistance. Main electric components provided by the well-known manufacturers, reliable performance and plastic parts are made from high quality products. 3, the conveyor belt in and out of the bottle, PLC microcomputer control system, the photoelectric sensor monitoring, pneumatic operation, Chinese touch screen control, high degree of automation. 4, and the filling production line can automatically calculate the number of bottle filling, no bottle or bottle, simple operation, one can easily operate the whole assembly line, the operator does not need professional skills. 5, glass water filling machine filling head can adjust the position according to filling the container size and shape, in order to meet the various needs. 6, just make a little adjustment to change the container, thereby saving the replacement of the trouble and cost of the mould. 7, filling head into the bottle, filling after finished the vacuum suction, to prevent the splashes of liquid materials and leakage during the filling. 8, glass filling speed and dosage of the water filling machine production line is adjustable, can other functions according to the demand of packaging process equipment such as automatic labeling machine, automatic screw cap machine, automatic packing, packing machine and so on
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