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Glass coating and pressure vessel manufacturing

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-29
Glass lining is high silicon content of enamel coating on metal surface, through more than 1000 technicians to degrees of high temperature burning, make porcelain glaze indiscrete in metal tire surface is made of iron. Therefore, glass lining equipments with similar glass chemical stability and dual advantages of metal strength. Such devices are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, dye, pesticide, organic synthesis, petroleum, food manufacturing and defense industries such as industrial production and scientific research in the reaction, evaporation, concentration, synthesis, extraction, aggregation, etc. , instead of the expensive stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, for a variety of the concentration of acid, alkali, etc all have strong corrosion resistance. Designer will according to the customer demand design drawing first, then the workers will use 6 mm to 24 mm thick steel plate cutting out the reaction kettle shell. At the same time, by the professional equipment to produce reaction kettle arc bottom and cover ( Head) 。 Through welding, a glass lining reactor shell outline. For the glass lining inside the reaction kettle before spraying porcelain glaze, the workers have some necessary work to do - — NDT and grind the rust removal. NDT for a welded together through the pressure vessel is crucial, it is a a key link to ensure the safe use of pressure vessel. Polishing cleaning, of course, is to make porcelain glaze in internal coating and metal shell is more, extend the service life of glass lining reactor. When a container on the internal spraying porcelain glaze, the workers would be placed container in half an hour more than 1000 degrees inside the furnace of fire, cooling spraying again after 24 hours, and fired, so repeated 5 to 7 times, until the metal wall completely covered by glass. After completion of all the early stage of the process, the workers will be assembled, pressure, external painting, packing. 25 days or so, a glass lining reactor can finally leaving factory. Rigorous process, timely and reliable, fast and efficient all-round service, standing for pressure vessel in the industry forefront.
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