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Extraction enrichment characteristics and process of simulation software

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-15
Jin Zong, new developed to extract concentration simulation software, tablet machine simulation software mainly for Chinese traditional medicine, pharmaceutical, chemical and other related professional, can assist to solve key institutions such as engineering students, extraction and enrichment process training and traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical enterprise on-the-job personnel training, etc. Negative pressure double-effect concentration 1, double enrichment process double enrichment process consists of a shell and tube heating chamber, evaporator, second column tube heating chamber, two effect evaporation chamber, condensation, vacuum solvent recovery tank, cooler ( Plate heat exchanger, vacuum buffer tank) Composition. Is the negative pressure evaporation of the outside heating natural circulating way. Raw steam into a column outside the tubular heater, heat the material liquid rising, from the nozzle spray into the evaporation chamber and gas liquid separation, the material liquid from the circulation pipe back to the lower part of the heating chamber, superheated material liquid is heated and spray into the evaporation chamber form a circle. Material liquid concentration to a certain degree, after sampling qualified by the discharging mouth discharge at the bottom of the heating chamber. A effect evaporation chamber can be used as a secondary effect of the heating chamber of the steam heat source ( Energy saving) 。 2 effect evaporation chamber through the condenser of the steam condensate into the tank, non-condensable gas through the plate heat exchanger condensation again into the solvent recovery tank. Package unit adopts heating natural cycle and vacuum evaporation method, fast evaporation and concentration than the big, some density can be up to 1. 4 g/cm3, evaporator with special structure, make the material liquid in the condition of no foam concentration, not easy to run. Evaporator is easy to clean, not easy scaling. Flexible operation, can be single, double or triple effect. Characteristics: (2, production line 1) Unit equipment and supporting the use of reasonable, equipment running normally, can guarantee feeding processed on duty, therefore, can shorten the production cycle, enrichment and simultaneous extraction, can save more than 50% of the steam, improve efficiency, from medicine to the enrichment of ointment only 7 ~ 8 hours, and prevent mildew of liquids, metamorphism, ensure the quality of the drug. ( 2) Whole production line operation in the central control room, the key operation parameters for automatic control and instrumentation, convenient operation, complete when the malfunctioning of the centralized control, also can realize site operation, does not affect the normal production. ( 3) From feeding to enrichment, pipelining, MiBiHua, continuous production, meet the need of modern production. ( 4) Ancillary pipe production line is perfect, increase the adaptability to change the production process and the strain capacity of unexpected circumstances. ( 5) The reduction of labor intensity, improve the production environment, cost reduction, energy saving. ( 6) Extract rate can be increased by 10% ~ 15%, compared with the traditional technological ( 7) Full use of the secondary steam in the process, the input of solvent can realize reflux circulation, medicinal herbs in the solute and the solvent is always keep high gradient and mass transfer, high instant the changsha Jin Zong extraction enrichment simulation software in modern pharmaceutical industry for reference, based on 2010 version of the GMP standards, using Unity3D technology of modern pharmaceutical factories, production environment and production process of solid preparations simulation, can better guide the students a more in-depth study practical skills knowledge, understand the Chinese traditional medicine production principle and process. Necessary tablet machine simulation software, extraction enrichment simulation software, can contact Jin Zong customers receive. Welcome new and old customers call, letter!
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