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Essential oil filling JiGuan discontent

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-05
Essential oil bottle filling machine the machine can complete to send, positioning, quantitative filling and send cover, seal, such as production process, in contact with the material components of 316 l stainless steel, using mobile phone almost touch control system, adjust the filling quantity according to the demand, filling speed, and other functions, can also save a key switch product parameters. Essential oil filling machine adopts man-machine interface Settings, convenient operation, intuitive PLC control, accurate charging, variable frequency control, can adjust production speed, automatic counting, automatic stop function, no bottle no filling. High precision, reliable operation, long service life. The protractor structure is simple, use for a long time no maintenance, oil filling machine is oil production line filling host, it is mainly used for 1 - 2 ml of straight pins ( Lu: su caps or) Filling, sealing, sealing, with a standard 316 stainless steel material, glass pistons, 316 stainless steel cone gravity check valve, health condition is good, the whole machine completely accords with GMP standard. Applicable to each big pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical preparation in hospital, school, factory quantitative filling of liquid, oil filling machine is dedicated to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic products, cosmetics and other industries of small dose of liquid filling, filling measurement accuracy, no bubble, no drop leak. Laptop essential oil production line filling host, use local tracking filling, electromagnetic vibration to send cap, no bottle no filling, integrating filling, sealing, advanced design, compact structure, full compliance with GMP standard. Can be used independently or links to other functions of automation equipment. Manufacturers using essential oils for the filler filling dissatisfaction with nothing more than two main reasons: filling quantity adjustment is not good, if you are using an automatic oil filling machine, please enter the required in the filling process of filling amount, and repeatedly adjustment in order to obtain satisfactory filling amount, or in the process of filling the bubble, should choose to track type, filling needle slowly in and out. To achieve the effect of foam filling
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