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Enzyme filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-05
Enzyme product demand, our company for the majority of manufacturers to provide several enzyme filling machine, filling machine automatic enzyme production line is suitable for the equipment manufacturers, we are committed to service the needs of customers. Enzyme filling machine for liquid filling machine, suitable for the liquid, the water filling packing equipment with high efficiency, it is a new type liquid filling machine of Jin Zong production, mainly is suitable for the enzyme enzyme, soy sauce, vinegar, wine, fruit drinks, drinking water, milk and other liquid liquid, cosmetics, daily chemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries widely used. Enzyme filling machine equipment integrated with light, electricity, gas, by PLC man-machine interface ( Touch screen) Control, enter bottles, orientation, filling, out of the bottle and other operations are done automatically. Enzyme filling machine performance characteristics: 1. A high degree of automation, stable performance and reliable, production speed, filling accuracy, simple operation, easy to adjust, strong adaptability. 2. More than 1 type filling machine adopts linear filling, convenient adjustment, suitable for most type bottle filling. 3. Contact with the material of the parts made of high quality stainless steel and food grade materials, under the food hygienic requirements. 4. Full color touch screen man-machine interface, the whole filling process can be finished by the touch screen on the equipment filling volume and filling speed Settings, automatic filling, a key to achieve the basic operation. 5. The enzyme bottle filling machines have not filling, automatic filling in and out of the bottle, automatic positioning, automatic level control, and other functions, high degree of automation, filling nozzle design scientific and reasonable, and is equipped with a drip tight device, ensure filling not leak, bottles and equipment clean and health.
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