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Energy saving heat exchange equipment to provide the code listed on the new three board of solid

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-10
North star energy conservation and environmental protection net news: February 4, Qingdao co. , LTD. ( Securities, degussa, stock code: 835825) Today approved by means of contract transfer publicly listed shares transfer system transfer across the country. The data shows, it is 1-2015 In June, 2014, 2013 annual revenue of 9756 respectively. 350000 yuan, 1. 4. 1 billion yuan, 2. 0. 4 billion yuan; Net profit of 1393 respectively. 570000 yuan, 1384. 200000 yuan, 2900. 230000 yuan. Degussa, was established in April 2004, the main business for energy saving heat and waste heat utilization of the solution and related equipment research and development, design, production and sales, and other special equipment and other accessories production and sales. Announcement shows that it is, the host of the listed securities for wide hair negotiable securities, the legal adviser for city king & wood law firm, financial audit for nobunaga and certified public accountants ( Special ordinary partnership) 。 The original title: provide the code solid, energy-saving heat exchange equipment listed on the new three board will use the facility waste incineration power generation field the most advanced technology. After the completion of garbage power plant, expected can process about 5000 tons of garbage every day, throughout the year accounted for about a population of 20 million shenzhen produces one third of the amount of waste. As China's growing number of urban solid waste, and huge demand for energy, waste incineration power generation is becoming a mainstream solution, more and more garbage power plant is being built in China.
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