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Cosmetics filling machine characteristics

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-21
Cosmetics filling machine adopts pneumatic filling is to run the compressed gas ACTS as the driving force, by the high precision of automatic filling system, pneumatic components, structure is simple, flexible operation stability, convenient adjustment, suitable for all kinds of liquid, thick liquid, viscous liquid, cream filling, can also be run in inflammable and explosive environment, is the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, food, cosmetics manufacturers need filling equipment. Cosmetics filling machine can be divided into semi-automatic piston filling machine, automatic piston filling machine, push a piston cylinder is used to extract and hit with a one-way valve adjustment to raw materials, raw materials with magnetic reed switch to adjust the stroke of cylinder, can adjust the filling quantity, can adjust the volume of cylinder for quick or slow filling. Cosmetics, cosmetic filling machine filling machine characteristics and performance 1 can be combined with all sorts of equipment operation, such as: unscramble bottle machine, labeling machine, sealing machine, printing machine, sealing machine, packing machine and so on equipment. 2, the entire automatic filling machine equipment choose stainless steel material and manufacturing, can free tools to unpick and wash clean, very simple and reasonable structure, high filling precision, convenient operation. 3, touch screen display filling quantity adjustment, filling production line speed can be arbitrary, high filling precision. 4, selection of filling head drip tight, wire drawing and filling lifting device. 5, cosmetic filling machine can be divided into single head and double head, four top can configure according to the production demand. 6, the bigger the filling machine for viscous liquid, cream filling materials, special equipment is now major manufacturers. 7, drip tight filling system: filling production line operating cylinder up and down, pushing hard, cylinder movement upwards, straight upwards, the valve opens, and avoid dripping with drawing. 8, cosmetic filling machine configuration material cylinder cushion filling ( According to demand configuration size) , tee part selects the handcuffs type connection, no other specific tools, disassembling cleanness is very convenient. 9, the whole machine equipment assembly dust cover, pollution-free filling process.
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