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Cooking oil filling machine operation

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-30
Cooking oil is each of us should pay attention to safety, we enjoy all kinds of food every day, and these cannot leave the cooking oil, green filling a great influence on people's health, so be sure to choose the professional environmental protection automatic filling machine equipment. In addition to food safety and hygiene, machinery operation safety has been enduring topic, how to safe production is the key of the enterprise development. Only the equipment safe operation to ensure the safety of equipment. Only pay attention to detail to make enterprise long-term development, edible oil filling machine in operating what it's worth noting that item? 1. Cooking oil filling machine is divided into two types of manual and automatic operation mode. When the operator USES the manual operation mode, if you want to start work, need to use the bottle to push the tongue. At this point, the filling machine began to fill. It is worth noting that the bottle can't resist the tongue. When using automatic operating mode, must put the bottle discharging mouth below, once the switch is set to automatically, immediately start filling, and should be replaced in a timely manner the bottle. 2. Often clean disinfection cooking oil filling machine, avoids the material pollution, and extend the service life of the machine, pay attention to every 3 days soaking with 1% hydrogen peroxide disinfectant pipeline once, before and after production, must on the machine for cleaning and disinfection. In this way can we keep the machinery appearance clean, prevent pollution, ensure the production process of health and the quality of soy sauce. 3. Cooking oil filling machine in the actual operation process, pay attention to whether there are abnormal noise, if you have any abnormal noise, shall be immediately shut down. Amateurs do not break line, secretly notice filling machine level earthing protection of the state. Filling machine at run time, someone must monitor, it is forbidden to use tools or other items.
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