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Cooking oil filling machine installation considerations

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-01
Usually in the use of filling machine: 1. Filling machine must be placed on a flat on the ground and in the use of grounding; 2. Before start using filling machine, please be sure to turn the filling machine by hand to see the rotation is normal, and check whether there is sundry in all work areas; 3. When the filler filling material, the size of the filling cap should be same as the size of the filling bottle; 4. During filling, forbidden operators will hand or other parts into filling machine operation area; 5. When filling machine is filling material, do not use without material filling and packing to leave; 6. Using filling machine, cleaning machine. When cleaning, please cut off power supply, do not rinse the electric cabinet. 7. Operators such as found filling machine is in use process fails, should apply for professional maintenance personnel, must not blindly maintenance; 8. Keep filling machine cleaning and an important part of a regular lubrication filling machine, in order to prevent the filling machine malfunctions or rust. Filling machine installation must pay attention to the following: 1. Filling machine installation, first check the manufacturers provide filling machine is in good condition, and related installation instructions: 2. Remove the machine parts and the illustration for installation in accordance with the manual. During the installation process, must be careful to tighten the screws, so as to avoid accidents and damage to the machine. 3. After the installation is complete, check whether the parts is loose, with the handle rotation machine, check whether the machine is normal operation; 4. After normal operation, the machine add lubricating oil lubrication points, and insert the power supply to debug the machine. Filling machine
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