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Cooking oil filling machine in detail

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-29
In addition to these good circuit design, this greatly ensures the use of cooking oil filling machine cycle, to extend its service life, cooking oil filler rely mainly on water pressure, padding will be equipped with relevant testing instrument, detection of liquid quality and temperature change at any time. Now the special research and development of edible oil filling machine has been used in many industries, and the whole process without human participation, greatly improving the production efficiency, and operability are improved, the machine cycle system generally adopts the seal design, strictly according to our company provided by the use of operating and maintenance manual for products. Aerodynamic system commonly used cooking oil filling machine filling, convenient operating process hd touch-screen control, improve the production efficiency of the whole process of operation. Cooking oil filling machine for edible oil products filling speed, filling with high efficiency, to protect oil products, contact with the material of the parts is 34 l stainless steel and ptfe material, acid, corrosion resistance, special materials can be customized according to the nature of the material. The device of the flow of the material by spray gun double speed ball valve and valve control, it is accurate and reliable, all valves can be automatically shut down, adopts the unique design of hardware and software, to prevent material drip.
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