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Coagulability with which the liquid filling machine?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-25
Semi solid filling method is commonly used and resin products: the filling machine heating mixing product introduction: 1. Volume filling, or by setting the volume of filling materials, and comparing with to filling volume, when both at the same time, stop filling, however, grease that is heavily influenced by the environment and the characteristics of the oil itself, the volume of oil will change due to temperature, which may effect the precision of filling, filling machine equipment can be constant temperature heating using heating stirring, cooling after filling. 2. Its working principle is based on the filling amount according to quantity, and then filling it with the said value comparison, then execute the filling process, advantage is filled with high precision, not affected by external environment. 3. Piston type filling is widely used in the production of edible oil, such as olive oil and chemical coagulation liquid filling, apply to l - 1 5 l plastic packaging container of liquid filling production, high filling precision, error and stability. 4. Heating mixing filling machine the device by microcomputer PLC automatic control, human-machine interface, high quality components, to ensure its good quality and durable and stable performance, humanized design is very easy to adjust and maintain, without any special tools, it is suitable for filling all kinds of rules in the shape of a container. 5. This equipment has the count function, high measurement precision, large range of filling, compact structure, stable running. Automatic filling work.
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