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Chemical cleaning technology in the coking plant the application of the spiral plate heat exchanger

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-13
For spiral plate heat exchanger with small size, installation and easy to operate, as well as good heat transfer effect is widely used in coking plant production of heat transfer system. The coking plant of jinan iron and steel group corporation ( Jinan coking plant) All kinds of existing 25 units, spiral plate heat exchanger in coking production in keen played an important role. But the spiral plate heat exchanger and has certain shortcomings, namely, scale, corrosion, perforation of leakage, unable to deal with, is mostly a one-time use. A weighed 9 160 m2 of spiral plate heat exchanger. 7 t, the value of 8 ~ 90000 yuan, so the heat exchanger caused by fouling jam for replacement of an enormous waste. In July, 1995, jinan coking plant recycling workshop 2 SS - washing system Type 16 spiral plate heat exchanger are seriously blocked, so the heat exchange efficiency is significantly lower, on production caused great threat. For two sets of heat exchangers for the steam from ammonia system temperature 35 ~ 40 ℃ steamed ammonia from wastewater, with 18 ℃ low temperature in the water to heat exchange, make steamed ammonia wastewater temperature must be below 25 ℃ or so to keep normal spray leaching ammonia ammonia washing tower. If steamed ammonia waste water temperature 28 ℃ higher than that of gas temperature, washing effect is poor, NH3, HCN in the gas, H2S, CO2 and other impurities can't wash down, then the gas purification effect is bad, and citizens to use unqualified gas prone to security issues, and even cause for the corrosion of gas pipes, equipment, gas leakage occurs, endanger the life safety of the citizens. In addition, from the production point of view, this procedure is unqualified, will the next gas washing benzene production in trouble, the whole process of cleaning production serious instability will occur. With the two heat exchangers, circulating water from 65 m3 / h to 36 m3 / h. Resistance by 0. 05 ~ 0. 1 mpa to 0. 5 to 0. 6 mpa, steamed ammonia waste water outlet temperature from 25 ℃ to 32 ℃ above, which results in disorder washing ammonia production. In order to ensure production, decided to replace 2 new spiral plate heat exchanger. The original two spiral plate heat exchanger in the setup of washing pump room on the roof, blockage of heat exchanger with a large amount of impurity composition, weight is lighter than the new heat exchanger increases a lot, and there are many obstacles such as pipe racks, pump room before the crane can't close, thus lifting is difficult. Will pull over after a change, but because the two heat exchangers are used in series, congestion still didn't get the fundamental solution. Observation analysis was carried out on the scrap of the heat exchanger, found out the entrance there are 5 ~ 10 mm thick black tar content hang knot in the channel walls, make allowance for 20 mm wide channel space is very small, in order to stable production as soon as possible, after full argument, jinan coking plant decided to adopt new technology of chemical cleaning. Main cleaning of spiral plate heat exchanger channels in the scale and soft coal tar, asphalt, etc. Product. 2 cleaning program ( 1) According to the situation of congestion and composition properties, according to the proportion had a certain concentration of chemical cleaning solution, and constantly adjust the amount of added components. ( 2) Make cleaning agent. Selected by caustic soda, soda ash, penetrating agent, surface active agent, emulsifier, etc more than ten kinds of chemical composition and cleaning fluid mixture concentration was 10%. ( 3) Cleaning fluid inlet temperature of 55 ℃, the outlet temperature of 30 ℃, entrance can be adjusted according to the composition of medium composition of the cleaning fluid temperature. ( 4) The cleaning method of combining by soaking with cycle. Generally need to immerse 15 ~ 20 h, then mandatory cycle 6 h. ( 5) Cleaning out of flocculent for viscous liquid with black tar content, paste flow to the ground, common prosperity, the weight of about 50-80 kg. ( 6) After cleaning to a certain extent, open the spiral plate heat exchanger, entrance to observe the tar content cleaning degree, then add the 'king of wash oil and appropriate adjustment formula, waste ammonia pump into the heat exchanger channels, at the same time in circulating water channel at the entrance into the steam for heating, prompting the tar content of soluble in maximum' wash oil king 'solution and discharge, the cycle times more in turn. ( 7) After cleaning, acid pickling to remove scale. Acid liquid inlet temperature is 50 ℃, by adding suitable amount of 6% hydrochloric acid solution of corrosion inhibitor etc. , in the process of acid pickling is gas discharge and bubble, pickling acid solution concentration at the time of termination is 3. 5%, side by side with black liquid. ( 8) Alkaline neutralization after pickling, by adding caustic soda, sodium carbonate, sodium phosphate mixed liquid immersion and cycle of 6 h, until the black liquid discharge end. ( 9) The final rinse, until the pH value of 7, wash over. 3 cleaning effect, 1) After put into use after cleaning of the spiral plate heat exchanger, steamed ammonia waste water outlet temperature rating from 32 ℃ to 28 ℃ below, meet the requirements of the washing tower of ammonia process. ( 2) Circulating water by the cleaning before 36 m3 / h increased to more than 46 m3 / h, increased by 28%. ( 3) Zero before the resistance by the cleaning equipment. 50 ~ 0. 60 mpa dropped to zero. 25 ~ 0. 30 mpa, was reduced by 50%. ( 4) After washing of the circulation of water compared with the design index, cleaning rate was 70. More than 8%, basically guarantee the normal production. Because cleaning effect is obvious, we in the coking plant jinan steamed ammonia wastewater waste heat heating stops using SS100 - 16 type spiral plate heat exchanger applications, make the heating of the circulating water temperature of 72 ℃. Application of chemical cleaning technology for rich ammonia pipe descaling, effect is better. After the pipeline Φ 133 mm diameter, variable diameter of 159 mm Φ pipeline, pipeline total length of 400 m, scaling for 15 ~ 20 mm thick, on average, cleaning fluid by adding 1% hydrochloric acid solution of nitric acid solution, while adding a corrosion inhibitor, penetrating agent, emulsifier, such as cleaning solution, pipe wall cleaning rate of 100%. SS100 - listed in the table 16 type spiral plate heat exchanger of contrast before and after cleaning. As can be seen from the comparison table number, through the constant adjustment and clean the accumulation of experience formula, the cleaning effect is getting better and better.
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