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Automatic four liquid filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-30
Widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, special industries, is an ideal equipment, liquid filling the quantitative the device for the linear table, can be combined with sealing, sealing devices such as filling line. Has the characteristics of convenient adjustment, easy to clean, the whole process of filling cover is equipped with empty boxes piled up in the liquid bottle filling machine wash. This liquid is fully automatic filling machine, with four heads, filling machine to filling the bottle after bottle sealed by sealing capping machine, to the labeling machine labeling, labeled, sent to the packaging machine is installed into the box, to the tray stacking machine piled up on the tray. The performance characteristics of the liquid filling machine: 1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel (34), material contact parts made of stainless steel (34/316). In line with the GMP requirements. 2. Filling machine is semi-automatic horizontal filling machine in our company on the basis of the upgrade, the machine has compact design is reasonable, concise and beautiful appearance, the filling quantity convenient adjustment. 3. Fully automatic four liquid filling machine is equipped with four filling head, synchronous work, high efficiency, material can be uniformly loaded containers. 4. The machine adjustment is convenient, no bottle no filling, materials contact with 316 l stainless steel manufacturing. 5. Liquid filling machine driven by compressed air control, especially suitable for use in the damp environment with explosion-proof requirements, high safety. 6. Liquid filling machine adopts pneumatic control and mechanical positioning, high filling precision, the accuracy can be controlled in & plusmn; 。 Less than 5%. 7. Using screw and counter, the filling quantity adjustment is more accurate, and can directly show in digital form. Liquid filling machine of the scope of application: automatic four liquid filler is mainly used for round, square or shaped, the hall of glass or plastic filling of the beverage industry, cosmetics industry, wine industry, petroleum industry, chemical industry, liquid health products industry, etc. The large volume of various liquid filling is more suitable for foaming liquid. Reliable performance, wide adaptability, can be used in pharmaceutical, chemical industry, light industry, etc.
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