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Automatic filling machine use and what factors?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-29
Automatic liquid filling machine operation simple and easy to understand, just contact operator under the guidance of professional staff, two consecutive basic can independent operation, filling assembly can be set in advance, the accuracy of quantitative liquid filling can be divided into fast, medium and slow or even triple speed, according to customer's high requirements for material accuracy, can be divided into four levels to filling, so as to achieve a higher precision, automatic liquid filling machine according to material, customized according to customer's actual requirements. Automatic filling machine when filling liquid product is easy to operate, widely used in chemical, petroleum, food and other industries, it replaced the traditional manual operation, bring a higher work efficiency, save the manpower and financial resources, the following is a professional automatic liquid filling machine manufacturer related technical personnel for daily use and maintenance of filling machine brief introduction: 1. Clean up the electric cabinet: decorate automatic filling mechanical and electrical control box line, clean up the debris in electric cabinet. 2, circuit check: automatic filling machine of the electrical components and whether the contact on line contact is good, the grounding line is in good condition and without leakage. 3, electrical check: check whether the automatic filler motor bearing is abnormal, and to measure the motor insulation. 4, check the attachment: automatic filling machine operating mechanism is flexible, scissors, whether the bushing wear serious, fasteners, whether is loose. 5. Adjust the liquid level: each class before filling, the first container, liquid level sensor on make it out of the liquid level in the height of the original location ( Position can't change) , and then open the main feed valve ( Each class of valve must be kept in the same basic position) , container lower level no less than container inlet, can meet the bulk pack 6. If you need to increase the height of the water tank, you will need to probe into the appropriate heights, the pressure of the liquid level controller can also be adjusted. Before coming off work, automatic liquid filling machine of the main valve must be closed. To sum up, in order to ensure the smooth running of automatic liquid filling machine daily work, greater extent, prolong the service life of filling machine, the machine maintenance work is particularly important, in the process of operation, not only requires automatic filling machine operator in accordance with the provisions, homework, maintenance and the operator must be able to work in maintenance, to ensure the machine performance is good and normal operation.
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