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Automatic filling machine stable production should pay attention to?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-28
Automatic filling machine, although the efficiency of the production enterprises to bring very great, but one day there will be a failure or malfunction, so we usually need to pay attention to maintenance of automatic filling machine, this is a very necessary thing full automatic filling machine pay attention to what? 1, the safety in production is a very important thing. Before using automatic filling machine, should first check the automatic filling machine of power supply and grounding line, to ensure no safe hidden trouble before you start the automatic filling machine. 2, before the use of automatic filling machine, the need for small batch debugging, to ensure smooth smooth running of automatic filling machine, and then adjust the speed required. Best read automatic filling operation manual before use. 3 the stain, automatic filling machine must be cleaned in time, including weighing on the stage of residual material, in order to prevent automatic filling machine for corrosion. 4, if the filling precision difference is too big, should be carefully check the filling machine filling mouth, check whether the filling mouth blockage or corrosion transition, when it is necessary to replace the new filling head. 5, when using automatic filling machine to replace a new material, must be clean before use for filling tank, in order to avoid two kinds of material mixed resulting in a decline in the quality of the product. 6, production workshop health environment is a very important thing, especially in food, medicine, filling production line, to keep the workshop hygiene environment, reduce the influence of external factors on the automatic filling machine. 7, automatic filling machine needs regular cleaning, to ensure that the filling machine clean.
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