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Automatic filling machine safety operation procedures

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-27
Automatic filling machine safety operation procedures: first, automatic filling machine operation: first check: before 1, use the machine after the installation, open the power supply, try running three-phase motor, to ensure correct direction of rotation, to ensure the compressed air pressure and flow, whether you need check the motor and the bearing lubrication. No empty oil operation, can be turned on after normal, observe whether parts fasteners loose at the same time, the normal use of parts before running stability. 2, check the safety facilities function is normal. 3, before starting, check carefully whether the all water tank water, roller chain plate is stuck, whether there is sundry on the conveyor belt, with cover of the box if there is a bottle cap, whether to have a few buckets of water, electricity, gas, wait for each item. Press after READY, open the main power supply, the power indicator, failure indicator, emergency stop lights put out, after the start condition, press the start button on the control box and refueling point start switch, 3 after the voice warning buzzer, the machine up and running, wash, rinse, and into the irrigation automatic working mode, the machine stopped, filling the stop button and control box, can stop the machine and close the main power supply. Second, the use safety rules: 1. Banned foreign bodies ( Such as tools, rags, etc. ) 。 In the liquid filling machine equipment. 2. Do not allow the liquid filling machine abnormal sound, If so, stop the engine immediately) 。 3, all protective material to safe and reliable, could be jammed foreign body (it is forbidden to wear Such as scarves, bracelets, watches, etc. ) 。 4. Operators should wear hair cover with long hair. 5. Don't use water or other liquid cleaning appliances. 6. When cleaning, should wear overalls, gloves and eye, to prevent strong acid and strong alkali corrosion. 7, the runtime must be someone monitoring, close to the machine tool or other articles should not be used. 8. Don't to irrelevant personnel close to equipment operation.
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