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Automatic filling machine design flow meter type liquid filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-04-13
Automatic filling machine is fully enclosed body material filling equipment. Automatic barrels, barrels of equipment, speeding up the transfer speed, long accurate filling, large capacity single wire filling, automatic for the cover, put the cover and one seal, automatic stacker, put into the tray. Just put the same specifications of the barrels of neat in the designated position, every time professional manipulator can accurately remove packaging barrels, through the power track packaging barrels to the filling mouth below. Using automatic barrels, barrels of equipment, speed up the delivery speed. The equipment from the pail access link adopts fully automatic production, just need to the same specifications and types of barrels neatly placed in the designated position, every time professional manipulator can accurately remove packaging barrels, through power track will packaging barrels to the filling mouth below. Automatic filling device is equipped with automatic meter, will be in accordance with the standards of presetting by filling nozzle set number directly to the filler material to sent packing barrels, the whole process of automatic filling machine is accurate, fast and won't cause waste of materials, will not cause environmental pollution, loaded bucket will pass power rail transport to the next link. Automatically unscramble cover, cover, sealing one by one. Filled barrels, is accurate to the automatic machine, the machine by manipulator, drain well every time a barrel, the accurate filling into good barrel, automatic sealing would cooperate with immediate action will build precise extrusion barrels, to seal filled barrels. Automatic stacker, into the tray. Filling of good packaging barrels after sealing, passed to the automatic stacking machine, automatic stacker through professional devise, packaging barrels will be filled with accurate drain and placed into the tray set, when the number of trays in the bucket to specify number of manipulator automatically placing barrels tray transportation to the specified location. Liquid filling machine filling type has a lot of, have a drink, milk, etc. , and oil filling, edible oil filling equipment is one of the indispensable food in our life. The current market for edible oil filling adopt different container, oil, plastic, glass, and iron POTS and so on, also has certain difficulty in the process of filling the requirement, many manufacturers are using special oil liquid filling machine, the design of this kind of filling machine is more conducive to edible oil filling, and filling machine filling way is adopted flowmeter type liquid filling. What is meter type liquid filling machine, what is the principle of it, first of all, the filling of the filling way to determine its quality, flow meter type liquid filler with a higher measuring accuracy for the greatest characteristics, its main working principle is based on automatic detection of edible oil filling of the change of temperature and density image, reduce the amount of error in the filling process, very suitable for this kind of viscosity of oil filling, and can be carried out long filling, the filling speed and high accuracy requirement perfect for the enterprise. 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