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Automatic filling machine daily maintenance problems

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-26
Face the automatic filling machine often encountered problems, Jin Zong filling machine equipment dealer in this share relevant adjustment experience, used in daily maintenance for your reference: 1. Automatic filling machine filling quantity is not accurate, filling large packaging, the feed box filling is insufficient, lead to liquid level is not stable, you can increase the filling amount or close the filling head of valve, you need to set the filling time or slow down the speed, the speed of the filling. 2. Adjust the digit dialing code or unit, if the same time, you need to shut off the power and restart. 3. Liquid level is stable, but the filling quantity is not accurate, there may be debris jam filling channel, mainly in the notches or filling nozzle, check and clean up. 4. Automatic filling machine word is turned off, there is still a drop of water filling nozzle mouth damage, reveal a filling nozzle repair openings, the diameter of the opening should not be greater than 7. Mend 5 mm, hole diameter, the hole on the sandpaper smooth, filling head the ball valve is damaged, need to change. 5. Injection after the switch, automatic filling machine is not running, time relay digital indicator light is not flashing, injection switch damage or loose time relay base, replacement of the same model injection switch or press the time relay base. 6. Automatic filling machine injection switch starts, the number of time relay LED lights flashing, but not for filling, first check whether there is a pressure or air pressure is too low, also may be damaged or pneumatic valve solenoid valve coil core was stolen object jam, can remove the power supply, open the panel, turn the button or press the corresponding electromagnetic valve coil, if the valve can be, the reversing action shows solenoid coil is damaged, if not for converter, the valve core will be stuck, electromagnetic valve coil can be replaced, can also remove the maintenance.
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