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Automatic filling machine and environmentally friendly production

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-24
Food filling machine is multifunctional, high speed, intelligent direction, so as to adapt to market demand, in order to make the packaging machinery has good flexibility and flexibility, need a lot of using microcomputer technology, modular technology and other high-tech technology to improve the degree of automation equipment. Under the trend of environmental protection, the use of green materials is a major bright spot, as a kind of completely biodegradable material, the polylactic acid is now being used as a dairy filling packing material, green packaging is a kind of more environmentally friendly way of packing, because of its low resin content, the traditional glass bottle filling, the use of new bottles are also on the increase. Automatic filling machine of precise design ensures that the filling is not going to happen too much, the container uniform wall thickness, the thinning processing, durable, the design of large capacity filling barrel is relatively reduced with shoes, reduce the production of wood products in the process of use, the indications are that environmental protection has become a form of the soft power in enterprise competition. Automatic filling machine in our country is moving toward the development of non-toxic harmless, green environmental protection, easy to use, high quality and low price, at the same time ensure that the direction of high performance, with the development of green material, the development of automatic filling machine also canned further to industrial development, the development of pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic packaging and other fields.
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